Rebecca Amer, of Irridessence.  Photo Credit: Adi Bukman

Rebecca Amer, of Irridessence.  Photo Credit: Adi Bukman

One of my all time favourite perfumes, Apres L'Ondee and the stunning painting is The Iris by my sister Phoebe. Iris is the note in perfumery that is closest to my heart.

Rebecca Amer, Founder & Perfume Consultant

Throughout childhood I was attuned to how things smell. The classic smells of roses and lily of the valley, cut grass, dirt in the garden, bonfires, but also hot tar, the smell of a match that's just been struck, the leather car seats, my ballet shoes, grandad's pipe tobacco, the many different smells when it rains....  


As a young teen I began wearing perfume and over the years I explored many different perfumes. My mother was an early inspiration as she wears perfume so well. She always has a beautiful "sillage" or scent trail. In fact one of my sisters was besotted with our mother's fragrance and she would rub her neck and sniff her constantly! So this perfume obsession is in the family.


A Journey of Rediscovery

A few years ago I began a journey of rediscovery. To my surprise there were fragrances I once loved that I could no longer tolerate (L'Eau d'Issey I'm looking at you with particular horror!). Others reignited strong feelings. Really emotional, not at all intellectual. This was so fascinating to me that I started to test new perfumes and down the proverbial rabbit hole I fell.



I devoured Turin and Sanchez's edifying and funny book "Perfumes The A-Z Guide" and found amazing online resources such as Now Smell This, Bois de Jasmin and The Non Blonde, they are three of my staple blogs.

I made a visit to the wonderful Osmotheque in Versailles and had the good fortune to be taught history of perfume there by Sophie Irles, testing precious and extremely rare perfumes with her along with raw materials like real ambergris and Tonkin musk.

I went to Grasse of course to learn some more. I met and interviewed a great nose, Jean Claude Gigodot and met many interesting people in the perfume world. I started to be more drawn to niche perfume. Despite this I would say I'm not a perfume snob, more of a perfume geek! I still find plenty to love in the mainstream. I started a Facebook page then began doing perfume tours and perfume events in 2014 and loved every minute. I write for a beautiful lifestyle blog called Luxe Provence as their perfume consultant which has been a fabulous experience for me. I have consulted for and done a little promotional work for niche perfume houses which has been amazing, a real privilege.

I feel I have found my niche and it's a million miles away from the high pressure legal world I came from in London. I've always been a people person; I love to hear people's scent history and how that intertwines with their personality. What I appreciate about perfume is its artistry, it's romance, the vivid emotional responses it induces. There is so much choice and new perfumes are released constantly; one always has more to test and to learn.