The Genie in a bottle

Years ago, many years ago in fact, I fell in love with a fragrance. I never knew the name and I still don't. It was worn by a friend of my mother and has remained in my mind all these years. I was too shy to ask her the name! I have longed to find the fragrance and thought about it almost obsessively. Such is the power of scent and the memories that swirl around when we think about scent.

Last week I rummaged through my bowl of samples and decided upon Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne. Not only was it a beauty.... this took me right back to my childhood. It is almost a perfect match for the fragrance I have been longing to smell again. In fact it was created in 2012 so cannot possibly be The One but still, I appreciate it hugely. According to Fragantica the notes are:- Calabrian bergamot, ginger, turkish rose, Somalian opoponax, agarwood (oud), indonesian patchouli leaf, papyrus and benzoin.

This is an unusual yet wearable perfume, the rose note is subtle but radiant and fresh and has a "wet" feel to it, the ginger note lends lightness and lift. Wood and light clean patchouli are definitely there and the opoponax gives a certain darkness and sweetness, in that oriental way. I find Rose Anonyme to be perfectly balanced and delightful. I literally drenched myself in it and wore it three days in a row; a rare occurrence! What a trip down memory lane. The sillage is medium and the longevity very good. The emotion evoked is pure nostalgia. Comforting and feminine in a self assured way. Ultimately it is not "me" since it's completely interwoven in my mind with another person. So I guess I won't be buying a bottle (120 euros for 100ml) however I will certainly need another sample so that I can conjure her up like a genie from the bottle and I may splurge and purchase the soap (20 euros for 200g). That would be wonderful.

The Atelier Cologne line is carried by Secrets de Parfums at 23 rue Papassaudi Aix, they have a facebook page too. I am a fan of Atelier Cologne, Mistral Patchouli for example is amazing and I intend to explore more fully.