Comfort Perfumes

Some days you just need comfort and today is one of those days. It is chilly and pouring with rain here in Provence and I am nursing some injuries. This calls for a cup of tea by the fire, a cashmere sweater and a comfort scent. Nothing cold will work (although I have plenty of cool perfumes in my collection and they have their uses), nothing too demanding and above all nothing new. Not in a risk taking mood today!

Naturally enough a comfort scent might be one that you apply before bed and here are my top six:-

Organza Indecence by Givenchy - spicy, woody, unusual yet relaxing with a slightly sweet drydown of woody vanilla. It is beautiful and unusual. You only need a few little dabs as it has excellent sillage.

Coco by Chanel - an elegant and smooth oriental, I especially love it after an hour or so. Again, apply lightly as it is an 80's powerhouse.

Amour by Kenzo - lovely rice note, frangipani, vanilla and wood. The name is a great fit: "Love" in french. This perfume carries me away on a cloud of rice pudding!

Prada eau de Parfum, - an amber fragrance that is a descendant of Thierry Mugler's Angel. So there is patchouli in there but this one is much easier to wear, softened up and rounded out.

Brûlure de Rose by niche house Parfumerie Générale. Lush dark rose and toasted sugar. Initially I wasn't keen but it has grown on me, to the point where I am addicted. It takes you on a journey this one.

Homme by Dior because what could be more comforting than snuggling up with your man, in reality or with perfume? The iris in it slays me. The comfort of that almost papery smell. Powder too for sure and a hint of cocoa at the end. Of this list Homme is the least warm on opening due to the hint of citrus but that quickly fades and things warm up.

Please do tell me what your favourite comfort scents are!