Blooming Bouquet eau de Toilette from Dior

This fragrance was proposed to me to test and my expectations were low. For a start I am not too keen on the name. Also the modern, feminine, mainstream Diors are not my favorites. Well, I was in for a delightful surprise. Blooming Bouquet is a light, fresh, pretty rose sitting on a light, clean, soft musk. The fragrance is a perfect fit with the bottle, the pale pink juice and the advertising images are lovely and girly. Imagine a dewy spring garden with slightly zesty pink roses, hints of other florals and freshly laundered cotton sheets drying in the breeze. This is a concept that has been explored before (Pleasures!) and to me it's very successfully interpreted by François Demachy, Dior's nose. When I apply, I feel lighthearted and pretty. A yes for spring, a yes for a young bride too perhaps!

The musk incidentally is lovely, it makes me want to nuzzle my wrist all day. This perfume is not in the least demanding and above all it is great fun. There is fruit in here too, beautifully handled; not sweet! I would be happy to smell this on my daughter but equally I will wear my sample this spring when I don't want to think too hard or when I must be careful not to overwhelm other people with more "challenging" fragrances. Here is a fruity floral that I can get along with and that is a rare thing indeed.