Lily of the valley


On the first of May in 1561, France’s King Charles IX was given  a muguet, or lily of the valley in English, as a lucky charm and liked it so much that he decided to offer them each year to the ladies of the court.

there are some beautiful lily of the valley fragrances, Diorissimo is perhaps the best known and is much admired on perfume blogs for its beauty (yes, I too agree it  is beautiful). Diorissimo isn't "me" though somehow, it doesn't move me. The other day I tested the new  Hermessence, Muguet Porcelaine, so named because the little bell flowers are as fragile as porcelain. The Hermes website describes this as a "fragrance with a heavenly, joyful register." That's exactly the note that it struck with a client of mine. We tested this together and I asked how it made her feel. "Happy" she said. My sentiment precisely. After the fresh bright floral lily of the valley, Muguet Porcelaine becomes spicy. In an airy fashion, nothing dense or chewy. The feel of this fragrance is cool and fresh yet bursting with promise and life. As with all the Hermessences this is an airy, minimalist fragrance, very refined and elegant and in the Jean Claude Ellena style. I need a sample certainly and perhaps a small bottle for spring.