Iris Poudre

Iris Poudre really is one of my dream perfumes. It is from Frederic Malle and was created by the esteemed nose, Pierre Bourdon, who was Edmond Roudnitska's only student. Bourdon was a runner, (he and Roudnitska would run together once a week), he had already studied political science before following his path to greatness as a nose and he is universally admired in the perfume world for his innovation and the quality if his work. By the way he also created Femnite du Bois with Christopher Sheldrake, a perfume of iconic status amongst perfumistas.

So, Iris Poudre.... it is a holy grail perfume for me; absolutely and with no hesitation. I am fortunate enough to now own a bottle thanks to a generous friend. It's gentle and beautiful, classic and elegant, it has a timeless quality and a dreamy tone. The listed notes are bergamot, rosewood, ylang ylang, carnation, magnolia, jasmine, lily of the valley, violet, rose, aldehydes, iris, musk, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and ebony. The fragrance opens gently sweet and floral, lightly powdered and it opens up exquisitely. This fragrance is everything I aspire to be and the emotion it evokes in me is pure love.

As Iris Poudre wears in it becomes ever more alluring on my skin, ( I cannot resist repeated sniffs of my wrist throughout the day) yet never does it lose it's elegance. It is like a beautifully poised ballerina. I want to hold my breath and let the moment last for ever.

Try it if you get the chance and tell me if you love it.