Irridessence provides bespoke perfume consultations, individually, in small groups, for perfume houses and for events.


Our Perfume Tour in Aix en Provence

Our private perfume tour in Aix en Provence lasts two hours. Firstly, over coffee a brief "history" from each person is taken to help with later testing. We then visit an exclusive boutique to explore a "house" and see the coherence and evolution of the Hermes house nose, Jean Claude Ellena. Lots of testing! Then we move on to Sephora and Trupheme to test other houses. We explore niche brands.

The goal is to share knowledge, teach a little perfume history and guide each person towards their "holy grail" or to extend their perfume wardrobe. Perfume is a uniquely portable and personal art form and there are masterpieces available in amongst some less than good scent. Like wine tasting, apreciating good perfume takes a little time to learn and therefore I encourage everyone not to purchase during the tour but to take time trying and gathering samples. Everyone leaves the tour with several top quality samples and hopefully a desire to smell divine.


Perfume Events 

Rebecca offers specialized interactive event consulting for private luxury events, corporate evenings or for small groups wishing to learn about perfume. Add originality and pizazz to a corporate or private party with a perfume boudoir with consultations and testing for your guests. Check this link for a short clip of the Luxe Provence launch event to give you an idea. 


Fragrance Consulting & Advisement

We offer consulting and advising for niche brands and boutiques including:

  • Product Testing- Specialized consulting and leading market research groups during fragrance development
  • Fragrance Advisement- for boutiques, salons and boutique hotels about niche perfume choices to complement their offering and clients
  • Content Development- Translation from French to English for perfume houses and/or writing English pieces for blogs, social media and communication campaigns.